TRAVEL — NYC, United States
Summer Dream in NY

AUGUST 2019 
    Endless walking, talking, laughing, and eating thus getting lost in the city of New York without even realizing it is the very instant memory of my last summer. The scale of complexity that the city owns was much more impressive than I imagined. My six days in the concrete jungle has definitely proved me to be a place that is never going to be enough.

    Without the city itself being overwhelmingly inspiring, travelling with someone whom I do not need to spare a room for any compromises but to share my eyes to details certainly makes the trip extra special. I still remember when Rosa and I were still young and free, the moment when we started our conversation with what we thought as one of our biggest ambition; ‘What if..’. We have been aimlessly imagining for a long time, one day what if we both travel to our dream city together. I was afraid to share the tiny corner of my pessimism back then but I guess I can share this now without feeling guilty.
    It surprises me sometimes, looking back, how easy for things to happen and how easy to make things really happen. This feeling of gratefulness comes stronger especially for things that we have been longing for so long. This sets yet another reminder for myself to be even more thankful for where I am now and the strength and the passion that I have for things I love.
    Likewise, any other travel stories, the New York trip cannot be explained without the excitement, laughter and a bit of bravery that I managed to have. I will be remembering the day we missed the station from too much laughing, taking photographs of ‘true’ moments of ourselves inspired by Andrew and the earliest morning that we had for the Broadway cheapest ticket line up which eventually never happened. These memories will always be my inspiration and motivation for something that I would always want to trace back.

02:49” Getting Talkative — Jimothy Lacost
02:40” Hate CD — Steve Lacy
02:21”  Stay — Yb., S V  W
03:44” Put You On — Amber Mark, DRAM

With Leica D-lux Typ109
First day Sunset
2 Details of Guggenheim Museum
3 Acene Studios on Greene Street
4 Pre-dinner at Supermoon Bakehouse
5 Central Park
6 Guggenheim Museum
7 The Oculus, World Trade Center
8 A new MoMa