DECEMBER 2020 — DAYS OF 2020
    2020 is extra memorable as it may be for everyone, though it is extraordinarily special one for me this year.
    Beginning of the year was full of insecurities that I’ve never imagined in my life. It was like walking through a tunnel without knowing how and when I will be seeing the lights on the other end. I was scared. Every steps were counted, no matter how quietly I make those steps. And the time seemed to pass slow, and slower.
    The cherry blossoms were starting to bloom everywhere, as if they talk to each other for the right timing together, signalling us that summer is almost here.
    Then, the summer finally came, one of my favourite season. Full sunny days helped me to gain more positivity, and I was able to feel that I have come this far, maybe I am getting close to the other end of the tunnel. We would take out August to enjoy the sun as much as possible, drive out somewhere we could spend most of the day out.
    We built a small deck with a shade outside to fully adore the sun. We would watch our Yuzu grow, hoping this year we could taste them.
    We found a new hobby of making bread, I was able to successfully taste my mum’s cake from far. I could now go anywhere to bring back the memories of my childhood with my mum’s cake recipes.
    Staying home still continued, We learnt how to be even more patient. We could observe the seasons change as the leaves slowly absorb the late autumn lights. Then it was too fast for them to loose them all.
    The air got cold, raincouver came.  
    And we have finally made a decision to share lots and lots more of our everyday together. And we promised to take care of each other. Through him, I have been learning how to be truly genuine with any relationship that I would encounter throughout my life. I have learnt to be more accepting of the cold, to cherish every day like any other day so that we could be in the moment.
    To bring out my little bit of pessimism, I don’t believe in solely happy ever after, there will be so many other insecurities, challenges and questions to overcome. Though now I know that it is also part of our lives and a way to grow and mature.
    So here is another year of lots of love and longing but feeling even more grateful for everything I have learnt especially with the most special friends and family around me that I cannot live without whatsoever.

02:53” Sambolero — Luiz Bonfa
07:11” Witchcraft — The Eddie Higgins Trio
02:14” Babay It’s Cold Outside — Kingsley Thomas
05:49” Skating in Central Park — Claudia Burson Trio
06:21” The Girl from Ipanema — The Oscar Brown Jazz Trio
03:11” Albatross — Fleetwood Mac
04:56” Here, There and Everywhere —
                George Shearing, Andrew Simpkins
02:14” Melanchonly Baby — Gary McFarland & Co.
04:14” Peche II — In hunt
03:26” Perdido de Amor (Lost in Love) — Luiz Bonfa
03:21” The Christmas Song — Catherine Feeny
02:53” The Secret of Christmas —
                Mother’s Daugher, Beck Pete, Ryan James Tillema
02:57” I’ll Be Home For Christmas — Sara Farell
03:16” All I Want For Christmas Is You — Clementine Duo

With Leica D-lux Typ109
Aure Studio Print under our Noguchi Light (Photo by A.K)
2 Detail of my new jacket
3Cherry Blossom in Spring
4Home baked Biscotti
5 Yuzu blossoms
6At the blueberry picking farm during summer (Photo by A.K)
7 Dinner at Home

8 Home baking coffee buns
9 Bamboo forrest at home under summer light
10 Grey Horizon
11 Raincouver approaching
12 My Two Kwans
13 Still feels like a dream